Working Group 1: Logistics and Traceability



Development of the models of integrated management of the withdrawal – recovery – redistribution of the recovered materials, elaborated on the base of the territorial and infrastructural configuration.

Design of the virtual and physical network distribution of “logical knots” (information systems for the management processes) and the “physical knots” (Platforms of collection and treatment).

Organizational models of network systems: information platforms at distributed intelligence on functional modules and advanced interfaces of settled and mobile communication, for the network integration of the various processes and the involved single operators.

“Arcipelago” globalization for the implementation of several basins of wealth:

    • methodologies of balance of the flows along the production chain;
    • optimization of the resources and the supplies along the supply chain.


Development of technologies of collection’s personal data at marginal cost:

    • embedded identification /branding technologies;
    • technologies able to capture data to be made public and distributed on the field.v

Development of methodologies and technologies for the usability of the immense data volume:

    • data mining techniques able to identify new phenomena and dynamics;
    • statistical data gathering systems for the supply chain monitoring;
    • internet of the things: every object has an IP address;
    • intelligent objects: every object has into himself many information useful for the managing organisation.

Development of management instruments following the continuous transformation of the traceability models.

New indices of the new products reusability.