To contribute:

    • to mobilize public and private resources for research and innovation
    • to promote a “projects incubator” in the Italian field as well as in EU’s Framework Programme 7 (FP7)
    • to create fertile ground for partnerships beginning
    • to constitute a point of reference for R&D (Research and Development) on the field of innovation and environment safeguard.

Membership criteria

There are two mandatory criteria that each member candidate has to fulfill: to share the guidelines of the Platform contained in the RSA and to be willing to collaborate to the common research work.

Stakeholder’s categories

    • Industry
    • Services
    • Research & Development
    • Other Institutions

How to join

The Platform members can be large, medium, small-sized and can enrol as “collectives associates” (Companies, Agencies, Centres of Research etc) or “individual associates” (single professionals, researcher, etc).

Please fill in the membership application form or for further informations visit our page: How to join us

In case you have any questions regarding the RELOADER membership, don’t hesitate to contact us.