Free of charge In agreement
    • Promotion and visibility in the sector media
    • Publication of promotional pages on the monthly magazine sent to more
      than 2000 recipients
    • Promotional banners for companies, products, events
    • Participation in national and European projects
    • To create partnerships for public and private projects
    • Participation in events and manifestations
    • Subscriptions with discounts up to 25% for newspapers and magazines (Portonuovo, PO.LO, Courier Transport and others).
    • Press review customized services
    • Services of researching, recruitment and signaling of call for regional, national ad European projects
    • Assistance, planning and delivery of training financed by EU funds FORTE Fondimpresa Fondir on topics: Management of WEEE and Reverse Logistics – Security – International Logistics – Traceability – Logistics & Distribution Supply Chain Management.

Organization of local and national events