The Italian Technology Platform for Reverse Logistics,
Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy

To bring together the business industry, the logistics, research and the service sector to identify technologically innovative solutions applicable to electrical and electronic products equally in the initial stages of planning, as well as in the final stages of their lifecycle, in terms of collecting, salvaging and recycling of such goods.

It is with this mission in mind that the Association RELOADER, the first Italian and European Technology Platform for the Reverse Logistics, was set up in Rome on 5th December 2006 (pdf Presentation), in line with E. C. Directives on the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) (FOCUS AREAS).

The RELOADER official presentation took place in Rome at March 29th 2007. In the course of the conference, entitled “The Italian Technological Platform for the Reverse Logistics: promote the recovery to promote the environment”, the speakers set out scenarios and vision in the matter of direct and reverse logistics, industrial planning (Design for Environment), and treatment technologies. Professor Giorgio Alleva, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, expounded the RELOADER’s Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), and the projects and events, planned in short and medium term.
Thanks to 4 Working groups (Logistics and Traceability, ICT, Product Life Cycle Management, Economic Sustainability) RELOADER aims to study the main industrial – energetic – moving and environmental topics, according to the long-term vision of the Strategic Research Agenda.

At February 14th 2007 in Brussels, during the FP7 Info Day on the transport, it has been spread an official statement to announce the next constitution of the European Technology Platform for the Reverse Logistics.
Promoting this ETP, RELOADER aims to create conditions for the business development and the correct use of EU resources in matter of WEEE and protection of environment, through research and training projects and dissemination activities.

It’s actually in progress the agreements collection from European Companies and Research Centres: if You are interested in establishment of the European Technology Platform, please contact Mr Carlo Polidori (Reloader Scientific Committee) residing in Brussels: c.polidori[at] – Mobile +32 (0) 497794867

Letter of ETP Proposal RELOADER ETP Proposal