The Future of Carbon Capture and Sequestration

According to the MIT “Carbon Capture & Sequestration Technologies” program, there are two main types of carbon emission: natural & man-made (anthropogenic), and two types of carbon capture and sequestration: natural and man-made.

Natural carbon capture, in which natural processes in the environment remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, includes forests and plants. The other method is to capture man-made carbon dioxide at its source, such as at power and industrial plants. Captured CO2 is routed to empty oil and gas reservoirs, unminable coal seams, saline formations and the deep ocean.

In a Warming World, Natural Processes Will Not Do the Job
It would be nice if the world “planted its way out of” high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by simply planting trees. Some companies claim they can do just that, however, scientists are still working to quantify how much carbon is sequestered in trees and soils. Another concern is that relying upon natural carbon sequestration may not be permanent enough as forests are not permanent and changing climates, namely significantly higher temperatures, would release carbon from trees. (Read More)