1. WEEE: Waste electrical and electronic equipment White – Grey – Brown;
  2. Recycling of pallets, packages and display stands for foodstuffs not merchandisable any more: wood, metal and plastic polymers for new production processes;
  3. ICT for collecting and transport, for security and traceability;
  4. Sustainability of processes and products.


  • The frontiers of the D.f.E. (Design for Environment) for production and packaging;
  • Networks, platforms and web based ICT systems for the reverse and direct logistic organisation;
  • Management, transport and treatment of “end of life” products;
  • Tracing and tracking: development and mapping of RFID and other technology of traceability;
  • Mobile communication: new languages and research procedures;
  • Monitoring of the materials and vehicle flows – the Observatory (DSS – Decision Support System).