Why e-Recycling Sales is SO Hard

Whether you are the owner of an electronics recycling business or a sales person selling services, you know full well how excruciating the sales process can be. Is it really different from any other sales process? The answer is a resounding “YES!”.

E-recycling presents a host of challenges for even the savviest sales professional. This post marks the first in a series identifying some of the hurdles unique to the e-recycling industry and offering tools and strategies that can be used to overcome them. We invite you to post your both your frustrations and your successes.

Sales Prospecting
How is prospecting for e-recycling sales different? For the purposes of this post, let’s focus on enterprise sales. Some of the challenges unique to this industry are:

  • Narrowing down your field of prospective buyers
  • Finding the right contact
  • Gathering intelligence for an effective ‘warm’ call or e-mail
  • Narrowing the Field of Buyers

Unlike most other products or services, virtually every single company, organization and person out there is a potential consumer of e-recycling services. Everyone has electronics so everyone has electronics to recycle. With the world as such a huge oyster, where should you begin? (Read More)