Driverless vehicles – purely science fiction?

[Source:] In this competitive environment companies worldwide are struggling to keep their place in the market and so the need to look at trends and developments has become essential. The logistics and supply chain industry is threatened with disruptive technology innovations which will create a transformation in the way products are shipped, stored and delivered.

With this in mind, Ti is developing Ti Innovate- a series of strategic, operational and technological innovations which will affect logistics and the supply chain in the near future. This content will be launched across multiple platforms over the coming months and will be essential points of reference for you and your organisation.

Innovation Briefing 1: Autonomous Vehicles
In Ti’s latest whitepaper from the Innovation series, authors John Manners-Bell and Ken Lyon consider how viable driverless technology is in the road freight industry, the extent of the impact it will have and how it will affect the existing strategy of road freight operators.

The whitepaper considers the driving forces behind the adoption of driverless technology in the road freight sector including:

  • Congestion
  • Costs
  • Safety
  • The technology
  • Big data
  • Legislative barriers

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